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City of LA Dodgers RBI Locations 

Algin Sutton Recreation Center

Baldwin Hills Recreation Center 

Central Recreation Center

Cypress Recreation Center

Denker Recreation Center

Evergreen Recreation Center

Gilbert Lindsay Recreation Center

Harbor City Recreation Center

Highland Park Recreation Center 

Jackie Tatum Harvard Recreation Center

Lincoln Park Recreation Center

Lou Costello Recreation Center

Montecito Heights Recreation Center

Normandie Recreation Center

Pecan Recreation Center

Ramon Garcia Recreation Center

Rosecrans Recreation Center

Ross Snyder Recreation Center

St. Andrews Recreation Center

Wabash Recreation Center


The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF) youth development program, Dodgers RBI, is a youth development program that uses sport as a vehicle to provide critical resources and services to communities who are experiencing social injustices.

More than 10,000 young Angelenos from age 5 to 18 participate annually in Dodgers RBI, joining teams that play from June to September across Los Angeles County. Dodgers RBI players receive free uniforms, equipment, personal protective equipment, health and educational resources, and more. In addition, participants also receive free access to programs like Dodger Day Drive-Thru Events, Wellness Wednesday, Racial Equity Curriculum, Virtual Fitness Clinics, Virtual Coaches Training, Player Development Trainings, Virtual College & Career Accelerator Workshops, and more!

The 2021 Dodgers RBI program will include virtual and in-person programming! Free registration includes the following:

  • Dodgers RBI Spring Training (February to May 2021) - Features parent and coaches meetings, virtual programming, and in-person practices
  • Dodgers RBI Summer Season (June to September 2021) - Includes in-person games and practices, drive-thru events, virtual and in-person programming
  • Dodgers RBI Fall Season (October to December 2021) - Includes virtual programming, focus groups, and additional special opportunities

Program Goals

  • To provide an inclusive, barrier-free sports-based youth development program typically reserved for those with substantial financial resources and opportunities.
  • To deliver programs, services, and resources that address basic needs, education, and health.
  • To provide tools for parents and coaches to create a youth sports environment that fosters social and emotional learning opportunities.
  • To increase participation of underrepresented groups, specifically Black youth, girls, and teens.

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